Come and learn with NFTI!

We have a variety of programs:


these are open to anyone and are special 1 and 2 day classes which explore all the important topics for the productive northern farmer.

CLICK HERE to check out our full schedule, and sign up, for our 2017 season Masterclasses.

Internship Program

this is a 6-week course where you have the opportunity to live on the farm and work with our staff! This is designed for the more serious farmer who would like to start their own business.

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Other Courses

we sometimes have special 1-time courses available.

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Custom Courses and Consultation

you can hire NFTI experts to answer questions and help you with your farming enterprise, or to design special courses catering to the needs of your farm or community!

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*Funding to help cover your costs for these courses may be available through the Growing Forward Fund, Human Resources Development Program. Contact your regional ITI Economic Development Officer for more information: