We strive to raise our animals in the way that is best for them AND best for the land. In the summer they are outside and we manage them with Holistic Planned Grazing. In the winter we feed them hay, grain from NWT Brewing Company, and food scraps from Super A Foods. We also give them shelter from the elements (different types of animals need different levels of shelter... the cattle, for example, are content to spend the whole winter outside in the open). Our livestock guardian dogs protect all of these precious animals from predators like wolves or bears, which are very common on our farm.

On our farm campus we raise:


Icelandic and Freisan


Galloway x Dexter


Cashmere and assorted milk breeds


We have a Yak bull-calf which we are raising to cross-breed with our cattle. Yak are incredibly well adapted to the climate and vegetation of the north.


Berkshire, and a mix of other breeds


Assorted Egg-Laying Breeds

Livestock Guardian Dogs

Estrela Mountain Dog, Kangal x Afghan Tiger

Coming Soon:

Ducks, Turkeys, Meat Chickens, Quail, and Rabbits.