We have a small "Yurt Village" on our farm campus where visitors can stay.

Contact us if you are interested in visiting or staying at our beautiful Farm Campus.*

We are very flexible and can provide

  • overnight stays
  • food
  • event hosting
  • tours (by appointment only)
  • groups
  • and more


Typically we charge $75/person for overnight stays in our "Yurt Village", with additional fees if you want lunch and supper provided.

The town of Hay River is only a 10 minute drive away and has many amenities including restaurants, grocery stores, gas station, bank, etc.



Keep in mind that our Farm Campus is a working farm, and active training school: it is not always quiet, and it is not always safe for children (although we do our best to ensure the safety of all our visitors). We have had many children visit our farm without issue, and they typically love hanging out with all the animals, but if you bring children YOU are responsible for watching them and ensuring their safety at all times. 

*We are not equipped to received drop-in visitors; you must book your stay with us at least one week in advance.

The Northern Lights are a frequent sight at our Farm Campus, especially in the fall and winter when the nights are longer.

We can provide meals for special events, groups, and overnight stays. We try to use local, or seasonally appropriate food as much as possible.

As you have probably heard, we have many mosquitoes and flies during the summer. Fortunately we also have lots of beautiful butterflies, dragonflies, and wildlife at the same time!

Small ponds and marshes cover the landscape on our farm campus and the surrounding area. In the summer they are home to a wide variety of wildlife such as ducks, geese, beaver, and muskrats.

We host farm-tours throughout the summer. The landscape and crops are beautiful, and the animals offer endless entertainment.

For hundreds of kilometres in almost every direction from our farm campus there are no humans or roads... just boreal wilderness.

Autumn on the Farm Campus is one of the most beautiful times of year.

This is a view of the Hay River from our Farm Campus.

There are several large waterfalls in the local area, this is Kakisa Falls.

We have a Geodesic Dome Greenhouse on our farm campus, built by Hellmans Canada. It is a wonderful space to be in.

This is the beach of the Great Slave Lake (20 minutes away from our farm campus) looking at the sunset at midnight on the longest day of the year.