BRIDGE Program Diaries!

In September 2021 we launched our BRIDGE Program. We will update here with all the exciting work we are doing with it! It is a pilot project right now and we are currently at capacity, but if you are interested let us know as we would like to open more positions for the Spring Semester (April – June 2021) [email protected].

October 28th – Greenhouse Intro Filming with BRIDGE Interns

We took some film to create a short social media video to post information about our geodesic dome greenhouse. The BRIDGE interns are going to work on creating educational videos to share what they are learning!

November 5th – BRIDGE ‘Map My Meal’ Class

We did a workshop on food costs that compared the GHGs and environmental impact of imported food compared to local food. The emissions from the imported food weighed more than Kim and the emissions from the local food weighed only a few grams like this box of dry pasta:

November 11th – BRIDGE Worm Compost Workshop

We learned about waste management, the science behind composting and the benefits. Then we built a new worm bin and harvested 5 lbs of worm castings that we will use for starting seeds in the spring.

You can watch a video about worm composting on our YouTube channel here: