Fall 2020: Experiment and Explore

Our first semester of the BRIDGE program has been full of successes and opportunities for learning. We are grateful to our three brave, creative, and engaged apprentices, who have helped us experiment, explore, and imagine this program.

Forrest, Tristan, and Kenny hit the ground running with work on the farm, diving into all the transitions of the fall, and finding their stride with winter tasks like barn chores and butchering.  

They have helped us refine the structure of the program, as we’ve tried out different skill block topics and personal interest activities. One intern has been discovering a passion for cooking, so as we move into the next semester has taken initiative to make that a more regular part of his skills block routine, and another has been stretching and strengthening in a weekly yoga class. Favorite evening activities for this group have included bowling and swimming—the hot tub especially welcome on the chilliest winter days—and we are able to incorporate these trips often.  

The boys have also helped us establish supports for personal growth, wellness, and sobriety. Counselling, art therapy, and participation at AA have all proven fortifying and enriching, and as relationships have deepened and personal focus has sharpened, we are welcoming the new semester with a new routine of daily reflective circles, bringing conversation about our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health front and center.

We look forward to seeing how these budding habits continue to bear fruit, how our personal and collective learning continues to unfold, and what new creative projects come our way in the next few months.

Until then, yours truly,