Our Farm Campus is a 260 acre property, the largest land-based farm in the NWT, between the Mackenzie Hwy and the Hay River. It is about halfway between the towns of Enterprise and Hay River. The property is mostly boreal forest and muskeg, although we are in the process of developing the land into a silvo-pasture type landscape which is more productive and diverse.

This land has a beautiful story of transformation – the property used to be the site of an industrial hog barn which was built and operated in the 1990s. Industrial agriculture does not fit our context here and the property was abandoned for 20 years. When we were searching for a place to build our campus, the land debts were forgiven and the Town of Hay River was able to lease it to us and we began the transformation of taking down the old buildings, recycling the useful materials and cleaning up the wrecked roads and dumped garbage. We now have a diverse and inspiring space with a barn, commercial kitchen, student accommodations, office, greenhouses, gardens and are developing beautiful trails and pastures. For more of the history of the site and our remediation project, please see Our Story.

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