Fun Farming Club

With increasing interest from parents in food and farm-to-table education, NFTI would like to provide venue and assistance in inspiring our planet’s future – our children. We invite you to join and co-create the “Fun Farming Club”, for our youth to reconnect with nature and learn what it takes to grow food.

They will learn how to:

  • plant & grow vegetables;
  • build Boreal garden boxes & buckets;
  • care for small animals like chickens, rabbits, geese, turkeys, sheep & goats;
  • care for and harvest natural foods from the gardens and greenhouses;
  • cook and make all kinds of different foods and fun meals

If you are interested to enroll your child or participate to help, please fill our registration form and email us at [email protected].

Help us design and create the best program/ club for the well being of the children!