NFTI News: March Call to Action!

Happy Spring! Join us in our NWT Collaborative Growing Plan

Now more than ever, it will be very important for us to strengthen our local food systems so we can feel secure. We are working on a “Collaborative Growing Plan” for the whole Northwest Territories this season and we want you to join in with us! Download the newsletter here.

Here’s what is in this edition:

  • Recruiting Local Food Ambassadors (from all NWT Communities) who will help us with sharing information, resources and supplies in their home community
  • Volunteers from the NWT who are interested in helping at the NFTI Farm Campus in Hay River this season
  • Jobs at NFTI – work with us this season in the garden, with the animals, on communication or in our resource management (waste and recycling)
  • Planning and Gathering supplies: fish waste, paper waste and planning for NWTers interested in raising chickens, rabbits and pigs
  • Live Lesson Recap! Taking stock, planning what to grow and bucket potatoes

NEW Communications email! Please note that we have a new email for general inquiries: [email protected]

Happy Spring everyone, hope you are staying safe and know that we can do this together!