We are currently working on the research and practical application of all things integral to building thriving northern food systems including: Food Security, Northern Indigenous Empowerment, Food Sovereignty, Climate Change Adaptation, Regenerative Agriculture, Waste-to-Energy Systems, Water Treatment and more!

Please check back for updates as we are currently uploading our work to this page.

Food Security

What should we focus on for building genuine food security in our northern and isolated communities? Learn more here!

Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative Agriculture is what we need to implement in all our northern farming systems! Learn more about it here.

Waste Reduction and Recycling

We need to see ‘waste’ as a resource – and we DO at NFTI! Learn more here.

Raising Livestock

Learn our tips and tricks to animal husbandry in our northern climate here.

Vegetable & Fruit Production

Building Soil


Carbon Sequestration

Climate Change Mitigation

Small Business Development

Food Soveirgnty

History of Agriculture in the NWT Articles / Publications