Harvesting NFTI’s demonstration potato field

How do we become more food secure? We need many growers and farmers in all of our communities and we need to base our local food production on simple, effective and self-sufficient systems that use local resources and are ‘regenerative’ so as to support our wild food systems. With both skilled growers using practices that support our land and hunters / gatherers and proper food storage systems, we can rebuild our local food independence.

Important Resources for Food Security:

  1. Vegetable Production
  2. Garden Design
  3. Building Soil
  4. Managing a Northern Garden: Mulching, Water, Protection
  5. Raising Chickens and Rabbits

Vegetable Production

The the most important question to ask is; what will feed you the MOST with the least amount of inputs that grows well in my region? The following is our recommendations on what to focus on for significant food security in Northern and isolated communities:

Click here to download our information handouts that detail important information about planning when to start your seeds and other germination information.

Our recommendations for the best books out there: if you are brand-new to gardening “Square Foot Gardening by Mel Bartholomew” is excellent for describing quick and easy ways to build new garden beds and space your plants. For the more advanced gardener who is seriously looking for ways to feed themselves, “How to Grow More Vegetables (and fruits, nuts, berries, grains and other crops) than you ever thought possible on less land than you can imagine by John Jeavons” is the absolute must for food security planning.

Our recommendations for ordering seeds:

  • Veseys (PEI) Website: www.veseys.com Under the “Learn” tab you will find many useful gardening tips! Will mail a catalogue to you!
  • William Dam Seed (ONT) Website: www.damseeds.ca Vegetable, Herb, Flower and Cover Crop Seeds for northern climates and for containers. Will mail a catalogue to you!
  • Stokes Website: www.stokeseeds.com Vegetable, Herb and Flower Seeds. Offers gardening tips, and more. They treat many of their seeds. Will mail a catalogue to you!
  • West Coast Seeds (BC) Website: http://www.westcoastseeds.com Certified Organic, Open Pollinated, Heirlooom, Vegetable, Herb, and Flower seeds. Will mail a catalogue to you!
  • Johnny’s Selected Seeds Website: http://www.johnnyseeds.com Vegetable, Herb, Flower seeds, Cover Crop, Farm, and Fruit seeds. Sell high quality, problem-solving tools and supplies. Ship internationally. Online catalogs available.
  • Richters Herbs (ONT) Website: http://www.richters.com Herb plants, seeds, books, dried herbs and more. Printed and online catalogs available.