Since NFTI began in 2013, we have been working on waste reduction and recycling projects which are integral to producing local food in our northern and isolated communities.

Throughout the past seven years, we have been diverting food waste, office paper, cardboard, used vegetable oil, plastic buckets, used clothing / textiles, and yard waste from Hay River’s landfill. We have been trying all kinds of different collection and management techniques so that we can advise other farmers and communities on how to make their ‘waste’ an essential resource!

Read our blog post “Northern Farms Can Turn Waste To Resource: How farms can support northern and remote communities’ waste reduction efforts” here.


Composting is integral to community waste reduction, protecting our land and local food production!
  • Worm / Indoor Composting
  • Backyard Composting
  • On-farm / Community Composting

Cardboard Recycling

Using Fish Waste

Recycling Projects

Local Resources for Animal Feed

Waste Reduction and Recycling Initiative Projects

The Government of the Northwest Territories Environment and Natural Resources Division have created a fund to assist NWT residents to: Prevent and reduce waste at the source; Divert waste from disposal; and, Improve waste management facilities and practices. NFTI has completed the following projects under this program:

  1. NFTI Campus Compost Facility and Demonstration Site (2016-17)
  2. NFTI Campus Cardboard Recycling (2017-18)
  3. NFTI Waste Reduction Training for Communities and Farmers (2018-19)

Read more about the Waste Reduction and Recycling Initiative (WRRI) here.