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The Northern Farm Training Institute is an experiential farm school that provides immersive training aimed to empower people through local food. We support a vibrant regenerative landscape while building productive local farms and thriving, resilient communities.

We do research, consulting and custom courses as well as our scheduled classes.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Things are changing rapidly because of the COVID-19 Pandemic and we will be adapting our programming this season. Right now, we are recruiting Local Food Ambassadors from all NWT communities who can participate in Live Lessons and share resources that we will send in as well as help train others and grow food in their home community.

Please join us in our Live Lessons, everyone is invited! We will post more information as we go on our new Live Lessons page here.

Training & Services

Build your skills to become a successful northern farmer through our flexible and diverse training program.

Access consultation services to guide your farm or training programs.

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Research & Development

NFTI is a leader in northern food system planning and design. Check out some of our current projects in soil development, regenerative agriculture, waste reduction and climate change mitigation.

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Discover the Farm Campus

Our diverse farm school is located on a 260-acre property along the Hay River and has greenhouses, gardens, classrooms, accommodations, and cows, pigs, sheep, goats, poultry, rabbits and more!

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Since 1993

From-the-Land Food Ambassadors Vision

We can restore our food independence in the North.

Northern and Indigenous communities across Canada have the potential to rebuild productive food systems, which will solve food insecurity, create local sustainable jobs and restore community wellness.

Right now, have a deficit of skilled food producers and teachers in our isolated and Indigenous communities, but there is a fast way to turn this situation around by empowering local people through building capacity. This is the vision we are working towards - local people across Canada who live in healthy environments that support wild harvest, have productive garden-farms that are not just sustainable but make the land better, and thriving communities where individuals are supported to become entrepreneurs and teachers.

NFTI was the runner-up in the 2018 Arctic Inspiration Prize for this vision and Jackie had the opportunity to present a From-the-Land Food Ambassadors 10-year cross-Canada action plan to implement it to the House of Commons' Standing Committee on Agriculture and Agri-Food January 31st, 2019. This vision is what guides all of our current research and programming.

interns in new greenhouse

Come Learn with us!

Work with experienced northern farmers, eat local food, and get inspired by life on a productive northern farm! We teach regenerative agriculture and holistic management through immersive, hands-on programs.